Why In India Multiplex Do Not Fail?


See, 2022 made Bollywood and Indian cinema see their worst year in history. Despite there being no COVID problems, people did like not to watch the movies at the cinema hall. Famous Hollywood movies were working as it is, but Bollywood content was not working. For the first time, more than one movie from South India worked in Pan India, so it was like movies were working but not the Hindi language which is the most famous historically as Hindi is a language that many states of India speak to communicate.

Many did think at that time now PVR, INOX and other multiplex platforms would not work. But still, portals like Moviesda.Com 2023 were working as it is. The loss of Bollywood was high. It felt that movies would not work as people now want to watch the movies on OTT platforms like Netflix. So that means the time of multiplex would work. But it was not the case let us tell how…

Let’s understand

See, multiplex takes around 30 percent of the overall ticket cost and 70 percent goes to the makers. But they make money from popcorn, cold drinks, and other food and beverages. And these things are being charged at the 5-star rate. For example, a group of two or three would have cold drinks and popcorn worth around 1500 rs. And then eating food in between would take things to around 3000 INR. It shows that other than the tickets they make a lot of sums. And South Indian movies did well in the North, so the overall growth went well. And they are in pan India, so it is not just Bollywood that relies on them despite it being the biggest partner of Multiplex.

And then people like to watch Hollywood movies. It shows that they would make money anyhow as India likes superhero movies and they come around 4 to 6 in a year and 7 other famous Hollywood movies make an overall good package. In 2023, the Bollywood made a comeback. But only if the content is good, it would work for you. Otherwise, the overall cost would not come from the box office.  

Hence, multiplex does not worry much even if there is a downfall for Bollywood. They have other ways to make money and selling 300 rs products for 1500 shows how well they make in F and B. This is what the Bollywood needs to see and the people too. Movies of one language not working at best does not mean that PVR would not make the money.

Final Take

Moviesda.Com 2023 is still an option for many. But others need the backing of people at best. But overall legal nature coming would make multiplex earn more and take things ahead for good. This tells the impact of being ahead of time charging a lot of money and making things worse. This is what one calls a balanced business that is more than what we think.


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