Have you ever thought of downloading any Instagram stories, or posts, because of their usefulness? If, yes then you must have tried it, only to realize that Instagram doesn’t allow you for the same. Therefore, to cater to this issue for you we have brought complete information today related to Picnob. Hence, to provide you a full-fledged information about the same, we have mentioned its characteristics, benefits, accessibility, and other information. So keep reading this article till the very end as we unravel the details for you.

    Know About Picnob

    Picture Nobody which is popularly known as Picnob is one of the excellent platforms, developed solely for downloading various Instagram content. With the help of this web-based platform, you will be able to get your hands on different open Instagram accounts. Furthermore, once your desired account is traced you can download their creative posts.  Apart from this, you will also be able to get some of the popular listings of hashtags. With the use of these popular hashtags, you can also bring a greater following to your own personal account. 

    Salient Characteristics of Picnob

    The website provides a long list of characteristics that have made the platform stand apart from all its other competitors. Enlisted here are some of the top characteristics that are mostly praised by the users. 

    • Profile Viewing: With the help of this website, you will be able to view the profiles of various Instagram users. From those profiles, you can select any of their creative posts to download for yourself for any future reference. 
    • Activity Check: The platform also assists you in finding the user activities, that have taken place on your account. You can view the number of likes, comments, and other activities, that are performed on your account. 
    • Anonymity: Best characteristic of this site is that, your identity remains concealed. This allows you to watch stories of others, without revealing your profile or identity. Furthermore, it also acts as a discrete way to stay updated on the stories of others without revealing identity. 
    • Ad-Free: You get an ad-free experience with the help of this platform, where you get a seamless experience. It also enables you to get all the services, without any safety risk due to redirections. 
    • Multi-Lingual: The multilingual support that you get from the site, makes it accessible throughout the world. Thereby driving in audiences, from various corners of the world, and also blending the cultural barrier.

    Working of Picnob

    Picnob makes an effective use of the Instagram API, to extract information and media. This allows it to bring in search results on its own platform, which drives a huge set of users. This simple work makes sure to provide users an ease of accessibility, where they simply need to add usernames or hashtags. 

    Steps to Use Picnob Effectively


    Upon reading all these unique characteristics, and getting an overview, you must have become excited to use this. Therefore, or the same you need to follow these mentioned steps, to access Picnob easily. 

    • Step 1: The top thing that you need to do is use any “Browser” on your preferred device. 
    • Step 2: Once the browser is opened you need to use the address bar to locate the official website. 
    • Step 3: From the appearing results tap on the result that appears official to you. 
    • Step 4: Now that you enter on the Picnob official website, locate the input box given on the main dashboard. 
    • Step 5: On the input box add the username of the account that you want to search.
    • Step 6: Next, the profile result will appear on the screen, select your desired account. 
    • Step 7: Tap on their post, and choose from “Download All” or “Download Separately”. 
    • Step 8: Finally, after you have done this, the media will be downloaded to your preferred devices. 

    Benefits of Using Picnob

    When you use Picnob you also get tremendous of benefits, undermentioned are some of the most celebrated benefits. With the help of the provided information, you will get a glimpse of what you can extract. 

    • Ease of Accessibility: With the effective use of this platform, you use and download media from any Instagram account. You can access this site anytime from anywhere, where you no longer have to worry about any hindrance. 
    • Streamlined: You will also get support where you can save any media of your choice. This will keep your media choices safe, secure as well as easily accessible. Thereby enabling you to tap on any content without surfing much. 
    • Advanced Search: The search bar of the site is highly useful, wherein you can search not only profiles. Instead, you can also look for popular hashtags, usernames, listings, and more by simply using this site. 
    • No Additional Software: The users do not need to download any kind of additional software to use this website. Because it non-independent site, that can be easily accessible with the help of any of the “Browser”.

    Is it Safe & Legal to Use Picnob?

    When you think of safety as well as legality, then it gets confusing; as it has received mixed reviews from the users. On the one hand, Picnob does not ask for any kind of personal information to access the profile. On the other, it gives you access to accounts anonymously. Apart from this taking the help of any third-party platform, in order to get hold of an account is not a legal action.


    In conclusion, PicNob is an amazing web-based tool that allows users to get hold of various pictures, and videos. With the effective use of this platform, you can not only download media, but you can also know about popular listings, and hashtags, and use them for your benefit. Therefore, to assist you in this process, we have mentioned complete information in this blog. By referring to this you will be able to learn about ways in which you can extract the most benefits out of this. 

    Disclaimer: All the details that are mentioned in this blog are meant only for informational purposes, and based solely on our research. In no way do we encourage the usage of such third-party platforms. Instead, we recommend our readers abide by the rules and regulations of Instagram.